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Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Concord, MA

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Enjoy Afternoon Tea in Concord, MA

January 28, 2021 4:38 pm

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Photo of Afternoon Tea in Concord, MA.

Tea is a big part of Massachusetts’ history, which is why when you’re on vacation here, you’re going to want to make your way to at least one tea room. Your visit just won’t be complete without making a stop for afternoon tea in Concord, MA. Enjoy the historic charm as you travel back in time to the era where tea and goodies were an everyday indulgence. The beautiful city of Concord, MA, is the perfect place to travel with friends and family, and the array of afternoon tea shops gives you plenty of teas to sample and enjoy. Learn about where you can get afternoon tea in Concord, MA below.

The Top 3 Places to Get Afternoon Tea in Concord, MA

When you stay at Concord’s Colonial Inn, you’re not far from all the best places to get afternoon tea in Concord, MA! In fact, you don’t even have to leave our beautiful hotel. But of course, you’ll want to get out and explore the city, so we’ll tell you about a few tea rooms just a couple of minutes away from us. Continue reading below to learn more.

Concord’s Colonial Inn

Whether you’re visiting in the summer or winter months, afternoon tea is the perfect thing to sip on year-round! After an afternoon of exploring and shopping, head back to our hotel to warm up or relax with a cup of assorted Fine English, Chinese, and Indian teas, as well as a variety of afternoon snacks and hors d’oeuvres. Merchant’s Row is our historic tearoom, where you can travel back in time while enjoying your tea and citrus-themed snacks, sandwiches, Caprese sandwiches, and macaroons.

Tea Forte

Tea Forte takes drinking tea to the next level, as this entire store is based solely around tea. They carry collections of tea based on things like wellbeing, warming joy, pumpkin spice, classics, chakras, and so much more! You’re bound to find a tea that you love, or maybe even your new favorite tea, and you can enjoy it for days to come if you choose to buy it. Tea Forte gives you the opportunity to not only taste different types of tea but also bring it home for you to enjoy.

Tous les Jours

Tous les Jours is one of the most phenomenal bakeries in the area that both visitors and locals love. Many would consider the entire experience five-star, and it’s another great place to enjoy some afternoon tea after exploring Concord, MA. Aside from a variety of teas to choose from, you can also enjoy tons of fresh-baked pastries, snacks, lattes, and so much more. It’s the perfect place to wind down before heading back to Concord’s Colonial Inn to relax before heading out for dinner.

The Best Concord, MA Hotel

Exterior Photo of Concord's Colonia, a Great Place for Afternoon Tea in Concord, MA.There’s no better place to stay in Concord, MA, than Concord’s Colonial Inn. Our beautiful and historic hotel gives you everything you’ll need for a successful and memorable vacation. You can enjoy some of the best afternoon tea in Concord, MA, here with us as we mentioned above, but you also have access to some of the most delicious restaurants in the area as well! You’re near all of the most fun things to do and see, and when you’re ready to wind down, our spacious and cozy guest rooms are here for you. Book with us online, or give us a call at 800-370-9200.

Concord’s Colonial Inn, Home to 2 Restaurants in Concord, MA

December 28, 2020 4:39 pm

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Photo of Liberty's Bar, One of the Best Restaurants in Concord, MA.

You get the best of both worlds when you stay at Concord’s Colonial Inn: a beautiful place to stay with easy access to some of the most prestigious restaurants in Concord, MA. If you’ve had an exhausting day exploring the city, there’s nothing better than taking a nap and then getting ready to go to dinner, but dinner is even better when it’s just a few steps away! Our unique restaurants are perfect for any vibe you’re going for – whether it’s a nice family meal, dinner with friends, or a romantic evening with your significant other, we are ready to host and prepare you mouth-watering appetizers and entrees. Below, we break down what makes our on-site eateries the best restaurants in Concord, MA. 

Enjoy the Best Restaurants in Concord, MA

Concord’s Colonial Inn is home to two amazing restaurants: Liberty and Merchant’s Row. Enjoy delicious cuisines amid a charming, unique atmosphere when you dine with us. Each is a great option for group or couples dining. Below, you can learn more about each restaurant and, eventually, have an amazing dining experience with us. Try one or the other—or both! We know that they are the best of the best when it comes to restaurants in Concord, MA.


At Liberty at Concord’s Colonial Inn, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you go to Liberty, you can choose where you want to dine – the Liberty Restaurant, the Tap Room, and the Village Forge Tavern. If the weather permits, you can enjoy your meal on the beautiful outdoor patio! Liberty delivers delicious and classic American cuisines, like chicken pot pie and charcuterie boards, and dining here also means you get to dine in some rich history. The Village Forge Tavern was once a storeroom for supplies during the Revolutionary War, and the Tap Room used to be Concord’s “men’s only” bar! So come and enjoy some fresh and savory food with us here at Liberty – you won’t regret it!

Merchant’s Row

Merchant Row’s sophisticated vibe is perfect for special occasions or a date night. The calm and relaxed atmosphere compliments the spacious and charming dining area that is home to over 300 years of history! If you’re looking for a fine bottle of wine to pair perfectly with your meal, then Merchant’s Row has you covered. Our creative menu includes fresh salads and delicious sandwiches and burgers and has brought people together for years – families, old friends, birthday parties, and special anniversary dinners. Come and experience exceptional dining with us at Merchant’s Row, just feet away from your guest suite at Concord’s Colonial Inn!

Our Charming Hotel in Concord, MA

Not only are our restaurants the best in Concord, MA, but our inn is also exceptional. Our beautiful and unique guest suites are the coziest places to come back to after a day of adventuring or a night out in the historic town. The charming and rustic vibe of our inn has plenty of history, as certain parts of it have been standing since 1716! Come enjoy both history and beauty when you stay with us at Concord’s Colonial Inn. To book one of our rooms, call 800-370-9200.

Visit the Distinctive Shops in Concord, MA

November 28, 2020 4:45 pm

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Photo of Two Window Shoppers Outside a Shop in Concord, MA.

The quaint, unique town of Concord, MA, is home to a bevy of eccentric shops that locals and visitors always enjoy. Each shop is a place where you can find gifts and trinkets – a way to remember your vacation to Concord, MA, or the perfect last-minute Christmas or birthday gift. The best shops in Concord, MA, are all near Concord’s Colonial Inn, one of the area’s favorite hotels. To learn more about where to go to get your shopping fix, continue reading!

The Top 3 Shops in Concord, MA

Shopping is never a bad way to spend an afternoon, especially when you’re with the girls or with your kids. Find unique clothing, gifts, jewelry, home decor, and so much more when you go shopping in Concord, MA. Below, we created a list of the three shops you’ll want to hit!

1. Irresistibles

Irresistibles is a unique store for women, with only 12 stores along the east coast. When you enter, you’ll be greeted with quality, well-designed women’s clothing, beautiful jewelry, and plenty of distinctive accessories to show off. Enjoy gorgeous fabrics like cashmere, fun and colorful shoes and sandals, and colorful sweaters, jackets, blouses, and more, depending on the season. It’s the perfect place to find new pieces to add to your wardrobe and wonderful gifts for family and friends. 

2. Revolutionary Concord

Revolutionary Concord is the place to go if you want to find the perfect souvenir. This local store, located in the heart of downtown Concord, MA, has an array of local art, American-made gifts, and local souvenirs. Browse through a variety of fun hats and scarves, exclusive jewelry, candles, holiday decor, and their very own collection of Simon Pearce Glass. There’s something for everyone at Revolutionary Concord, so make sure to stop by!

3. Joy Street Life + Home

At this unique gift boutique, you’ll find plenty of fun for kids as well as an array of customizable gifts, making each purchase special. In the shop, you’ll find items from over 100 companies – 20 New England based businesses, 45 women-owned businesses, and 10 Fair Tradelines. Create your own customizable jewelry and baby blankets, and find unique greeting cards, 3-D lollipops, and locally-made art kits for kids. If you’re looking for something unique, maybe you’ll like the solar-powered mason jar night lights and ZIP code pillows and mugs. Joy Street Life + Home might be one of the most unique stores in all of Concord, MA!

Concord’s Colonial, a Historic Hotel near Boston, MA

After your afternoon spent shopping in Concord, MA, head back to Concord’s Colonial Inn to relax before hitting the town at night. There’s plenty of reasons why visitors choose to stay with us, like our beautiful and cozy guest rooms and the multitude of restaurants at our inn. To book with us and be near all of the area’s best attractions, call 800-370-9200.

The Best Ways to Embrace Winter in Concord, Massachusetts

October 28, 2020 4:49 pm

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Photo of a Woman Lacing up Her Skates in Concord, Massachusetts, During Winter's Hearth.

It’s about that time of the year – the season that most dread. There’s less sunshine, temperatures are frigid, the sidewalks are icy, and you have to bundle up to stay safe. If you’re the type to dread a Massachusetts winter, don’t worry! We created a guide of the best ways to embrace a cold Massachusetts winter, and it all begins at Concord’s Colonial Inn. Being outside in the snow and cold temperatures can be a blast, especially if you’re with your friends and family!

The Best Way to Embrace a Massachusetts Winter

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities in the Concord area that will keep you and your family entertained every day of your winter vacation. Drink hot cocoa, eggnog, head out for some ice skating, or special annual winter activities that the town of Concord holds. Below, you’ll find a list of the best things to do in winter in Massachusetts.

Historic Hotels in Concord, MA

Our beautiful hotel is visitors’ favorite place to stay when visiting Concord, MA. We have plenty of specials and packages to make your stay affordable. Enjoy an array of delicious restaurants for when you need a bite to eat, as well as special events for holidays. To book one of our cozy guest rooms, give us a call at 800-370-9200.