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History in Concord, Massachusetts: 3 Historical Attractions

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History in Concord, Massachusetts: 3 Historical Attractions

June 28, 2020 8:09 am

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Photo of Old North Bridge. Click Here to Learn More about History in Concord Massachusetts.

If you’re an American history buff, you’re going to love your stay at Concord’s Colonial Inn. Pieces of history in Concord, Massachusetts, are abundant and can be found anywhere you go. So, while you’re considering things to do in Concord, take a look at some fascinating attractions from different parts of our nation’s past. 

Historic Concord Homes

Concord, Massachusetts, hosts a handful of historical homes from across time. Visit the houses your favorite philosophers and transcendentals, David Henry Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, once lived. If you love the novel, Little Women, it’s only appropriate that you visit Lousia May Alcott’s Orchard House; there’s something heartwarming about being in the place where a beloved book was written. Learn the little known history about several Concord African American families who lived at the Robbins House and were able to work towards living independently and contributed to the antislavery movement. Plus, there are a few lesser-known historic homes in Concord, Massachusetts, for you to peruse. 

Revolutionary Grounds near Our Concord Hotel

Take a trip to some Revolutionary war grounds, like Old North Bridge at Minute Man National Historical Park. Trek the Concord: Battle Road Trail, which follows British Regulars and Militia’s path during the first battle of the Revolutionary War. This five-and-a-half-mile trail is handicap accessible and links Lexington to Concord. There are so many opportunities to learn more about history in Concord, Massachusetts, but it’s fascinating to be at the place where so many historical events unfolded.

Sleepy Hollow Cemetary 

Concord’s largest and only active public cemetery, Sleepy Hollow Cemetary, is a 17-acre, rustic garden abundant with natural beauty. It is the final resting place of David Henry Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and other townspeople. Sleepy Hollow Cemetary is the perfect sanctuary for a quiet walk and to view gorgeous greenery and beautiful memorial plots. 

History in Concord, Massachusetts, near Our Inn

When you stay at a hotel near Boston, it only makes sense that there will be countless historical attractions to visit. After a day soaking in physical remnants of America’s history, you’ll appreciate adjourning to your cozy room at our Concord inn. For more information on nearby attractions or making a reservation, please contact us. Our staff is happy to assist you.