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A History Lover’s Guide to Concord, MA

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A History Lover’s Guide to Concord, MA

August 8, 2021 4:15 pm

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Concord Minuteman park

Concord, MA, is boasting full of significant American history. Folks come from all over the country to walk the trails, smell the smells, and see the sights that past generations also experienced hundreds of years ago. When you step foot into Concord, you are stepping into a history book. As you plan your history-filled vacation, make sure you reserve your accommodation at Concord’s Colonial Inn, a historic hotel that was established in 1716. Whether you are escaping from the bustle of Boston or coming in from out of state, we look forward to welcoming you as a guest. In preparation for your trip, read our history lover’s guide to all things Concord, MA. 

History Overflows in Concord, MA

Concord has graced many history books in schools all over America, as this quaint little town was the home to so many major historical events and figures. The beginning of the American Revolution began here and the legendary Minute Men fought countless battles. Today, you can trek through Minute Man National Historical Park. “The shot heard round the world” took place in the park, marking the battle for American independence, which began on April 19, 1775

Our illustrious town was also the home of several classic authors. You may have heard of a few of them: Louisa May Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and others. We recommend stopping by The Wayside, which served as a home for the Alcott family, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Margaret Sidney. 

The Concord Visitor Center is the perfect place to start your historical tour through our lovely town. They offer a variety of educational walking tours. If you want to see collections of historical artifacts, head over to the Concord Museum

In short, there are so many wonderful things to see and do in order to feel connected to the history of Concord, MA. Stay within close proximity to many historical and literary sites when you book your stay at Concord’s Colonial Inn today!


Plan a Spa-Like Getaway to Concord, MA

April 3, 2021 12:17 pm

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Photo of a Couple Waiting for Massage Treatments inside a Concord Spa.

Located just 20-miles away from Boston, Concord is the perfect getaway for a few days. Escape the big city and retreat to a quiet town for a relaxing vacation. Concord is one of the oldest towns in the US, established in 1635. Most people know it as the site of the battle that started the American Revolution or the home of some of America’s greatest writers.

But did you know that Concord is an excellent destination for a spa-like getaway? Stay at the Concord Colonial Inn to enjoy a premier Concord spa experience. Concord’s Colonial Inn is one of the most famous inns in town. It continues to upgrade its offerings for guests, including a newly established onsite spa. Monumental Style is the in-house spa that provides a modern spa experience. It’s the perfect combination to relax and unwind in the spa before turning in at your accommodation.

About Monumental Style

Monumental Style welcomes women and men with an extensive range of services. It’s an updated facility complete with contemporary décor, modern technology, and experienced staff to give you a top-quality service during your visit. You’ll feel comfortable in a tranquil environment.

The services include hair, facials, and makeup. Men and women and enjoy a variety of hair services. Get your hair cut, styled, or colored by professionals. The spa also provides different treatment services. Facials are an excellent way to purify your skin. You’ll go through a skin treatment that will leave you looking younger and with healthier skin. Get a complete makeup application at the spa. Professional makeup artists provide a complete glam makeover or light touches for a natural appearance.

Book an appointment at the spa by contacting them directly or inquiring at the inn’s front desk. The spa also welcomes walk-in clients. So, even if you’re looking for a last-minute spa treatment, it’s accommodating for most services.

Spa & Wellness

You don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to take advantage of the spa services, although it makes it much more convenient. It’s an excellent option for guests hosting events in Concord. Use a local Concord spa to handle all of your beauty and wellness. Many guests have utilized the spa for weddings and other special events. The main goal of a spa-like getaway is perfect relaxation. Monumental Style helps accomplish it—you’ll get a whole spa experience from the comfort of your accommodation.

Stay at Concord’s Colonial Inn to enjoy the onsite spa and much more. The inn is nearby many of the local attractions to connect with the wellness community. There are several local wellness groups offering exercise and yoga. Not to mention lots of scenic outdoor destinations to replenish yourself in nature.

Call Concord’s Colonial Inn at 978-369-9200 to organize your getaway to the best Concord spa.

Host a Private Event at Concord’s Colonial Inn

February 21, 2021 12:36 pm

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Photo of an Event Venue at Concord's Colonial Inn

Everyone loves charming colonial towns, and there’s no better place for your private event than Concord, MA, home to the historic Concord’s Colonial Inn. From its antique design to its beautiful accommodations, Concord’s Colonial Inn is the ideal location for any event, no matter what you have planned. Choose between the historic Main Inn or the Prescott Suites—one is guaranteed to work for you and your guests during your well-planned Concord event. 

Hosting Your Own Concord Event

When it comes to hosting your own Concord event at Concord’s Colonial Inn, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. From banquet halls to classrooms and conference rooms, you’ll find that you have plenty of choices right here in the heart of Concord. Events are something that we specialize in, and you’ll be able to curate your ideal Concord event when you choose our dedicated event planning team.

Why Choose Concord, MA?

When choosing a location for your next Concord event, know that you can’t go wrong with our peaceful, picturesque town. This is a beautiful New England area known for antique architecture and its historic scenery. When you book your stay and your Concord event at the Inn, you’ll love how close we are to the area’s culture while still maintaining a bevy of amenities that you need to host the perfect event.

The hotel itself is home to plenty of on-site amenities to help you have the most comfortable stay imaginable, from comfortable rooms to convenient on-site dining and complimentary WiFi and parking. We boast idyllic spaces tailor-made for large events with many guests, such as wedding receptions, business conferences, or large education forums. And, if you’re looking for some “extras” during your Concord event, know that you get complimentary water and coffee, private bathrooms, and so much more!

Contact us today to learn more about our six event spaces and our talented planning team.