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Visit the Historic Concord Homes

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Visit the Historic Concord Homes

November 18, 2019 12:44 pm

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Concord Homes Spending your days soaking up the rich Concord history is a must while staying at Concord’s Colonial Inn. When you’re looking for things to do in Concord, MA, you’ll find a variety of historic Concord homes and landmarks that you’ll want to take the time to explore. Keep reading to find the best Concord homes to tour during your stay in our beautiful historic town in Massachusetts. 

Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House

Once occupied by the Alcott family and where Louisa May Alcott wrote Little Women back in 1968, the Orchard House has now become a historical museum that’s open to the public. There have been no profound structural changes, and the Alcotts owned 80% of the home furnishings on display here. Walking into the home, you’ll truly get a sense of what the house looked like and felt like when the Alcott family occupied it. 

The Old Manse

We encourage you to take a tour of The Old Manse, as you’ll be fascinated by the amount of Concord history that has taken place here. Once occupied by famous mid-19th-century writers like Ralph Waldo Emerson and Nathanial Hawthorne, you’ll feel as though you’ve made a step back in time upon entering the house. Outside you’ll also find a vegetable garden that was planted by Henry David Thoreau for Hawthorne’s wedding. The garden has since been re-created and can still be viewed to this very day. 

The Emerson House

The Emerson House was initially built back in 1828 and was occupied by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s family in 1835. Over time the household became a highlight of Concord’s social life as well as a literary center throughout the American Transcendentalist movement. The home still holds original furniture as well as artifacts and can be viewed through the guided tour from April through October in Concord, MA. 

Thoreau Farm

The Thoreau Farm was the birthplace of David Henry Thoreau and is referred to as the Wheeler-Minot Farmhouse on the National Register of Historic Places. While Thoreau’s family only occupied the house for a short period after David’s birth, it has become a Concord, MA, destination for many tourists and scholars. Seasonal visits and tours are available but must be booked in advance. To learn more, visit

The Wayside

Also known as the house of authors, The Wayside was occupied by Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Alcotts, and the Lorthops (Margaret Sidney). As you look at the exterior of The Wayside, you’ll find a writing room built at the top of the home where Hawthorne would lock himself in the small space to write. The house has since become a part of the Minute Man National Historical Park and can be seen through a guided tour. 

Have a True Colonial Experience

Concord HomesVisit our Things to Do page to learn more about the Concord homes and historical attractions that are worth exploring while you’re in town. Concord’s Colonial Inn was previously a home owned by a doctor during the revolutionary war era, which means you’ll be stepping into a piece of Concord history as soon as you enter our inn. The portion of our home that dates back to 1716 is made up of 15 individually decorated rooms that will give you a true Colonial experience and can be viewed on our accommodations page. To inquire about a stay in one of our historic rooms, please speak with our friendly staff by calling 1-800-370-9200.

The Haunted Hotel of Concord, MA

October 21, 2019 3:36 pm

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haunted hotelWalking down the hallways of Concord’s Colonial Inn, you may feel a chill going up your spine as the inn is known as a historically haunted hotel. The hotel was built in Concord, MA before the Revolutionary War began and is located just a half-mile away from the North Bridge. The famous bridge was where the “shot heard around the world” took place that started the Revolutionary War in 1775. Many historical events happened around Concord, MA, that may perhaps make it one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts. Keep reading to find out what makes our inn a hauntingly unique part of Concord history.

Room 24

Many guests make reservations for the notoriously haunted hotel room 24 on the second floor. Room 24 was used as an operations room for wounded soldiers back in the 1770s. During the Revolutionary War era, the hotel was actually a home owned by a doctor. Caretakers operated on injured soldiers in room 24 where many did not survive and passed in that very room. There was also a morgue located in room 27 on the first floor where many curious guests dare to spend the night. While you may not find many ghosts of the soldiers, you may discover apparitions of the caretakers still roaming the halls.  

Particular Experiences

Visiting the historically haunted hotel during the Halloween season will be a thrilling experience for ghost enthusiasts. Staff and guests have both reported flickering lights, waking up with the lights and tv on, noticed floating orbs, and have heard haunting voices. Many report seeing an older woman roaming the halls that some believe to be a middle-aged nurse named Rosemary. You may find yourself walking a little quicker in some regions of the hotel, and with so much Concord history between the walls, we don’t blame you!

Historic Hotels in Concord

haunted hotelIs there concrete evidence that our hotel is one of the most haunted places in Massachusetts? While we cannot say for sure, many paranormal experts have come to investigate particular areas of our Concord, MA, inn. Visit our Haunted Inn page to learn more about our haunted hotel. When you’re looking for an authentic Colonial experience, opt for one of the 15 rooms at the inn that date back to 1716. Perhaps a possibly haunted room isn’t your forte, we provide 54 different rooms in four different areas of the inn, and no two rooms are alike. Please give our friendly staff a call at 1-800-370-9200 to make a reservation or book online

Best Sightseeing Opportunities | Massachusetts Attractions

3:36 pm

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Massachusetts attractionsIt’s no surprise that Concord’s Colonial Inn will not only give you a place to soak up Concord history, but you’ll also be surrounded by beautiful fall foliage as we say goodbye to summer. As the leaves transition from deep green to scarlet red, amber, and gold, you’ll want to add a walk to your list of things to do in Concord, MA. While there are many fall activities to check out during your stay, we suggest taking a look at these Massachusetts attractions that offer the best opportunities for sightseeing! 

Walden Pond 

Visit Walden Pond State Reservation during autumn’s peak as the sights are absolutely breathtaking from the low fog that sits atop the water to the towering trees off in the distance. In summer, people like to cool off with a swim and during fall many walk around the park to take in the beautiful colors. While you’re at the park, step back in time when you check out Henry David Thoreau’s single-room cabin replica; it will be a favorite way to experience Concord history.

deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum

One of our favorite Massachusetts attractions is the deCordova Sculpture Park, which has been around since 1950 and is located on the shores of Flint’s Pond in Lincoln. The exhibitions on display rotate and provide a fascinating experience for those with an artistic eye. Walkthrough the outdoor sculpture park and take pictures by the towering art creations located across 30 acres. On a chilly afternoon, grab a warm beverage from the cafe and explore the gardens, as there are approximately 60 sculptures on display at all times.

Charming Concord Getaway

Massachusetts attractionsWe encourage travelers to check out our things to do in Concord, MA, page, as this will be your guide to the many Massachusetts attractions and activities near our inn. Not only will you enjoy the opportunities for sightseeing around Concord, but you’ll enjoy the charming atmosphere of our inn. For those planning a special romantic getaway, ask about our Thoreau Suite, which is our premier honeymoon suite. You may view all of our accommodations online before selecting a stay that’s perfect for you and your loved one. Please call 1-800-370-9200 to make a reservation or 1-978-369-9200 for general inquiries. 

Concord History: A Look Back in Time

3:35 pm

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concord history Concord’s Colonial Inn’s structure was built in 1716 well before the American Revolutionary War began, making us a unique part of Concord history. Many historical events happen year-round in Concord, MA, and we welcome you to join us each year. Our staff will provide information to ensure you are informed on what places to visit around the area, here are a couple worth checking out. 

Minute Man National Historical Park 

When taking a walk through the Minute Man National Historical Park visit the North Bridge as this is where the first shot was fired, also known as “the shot heard around the world” that started the American Revolutionary War. Stop by the visitor center where you’ll learn about what happened that day in 1775, a map that orients you to specific areas in the park, and you’ll also be able to watch a short video about the transpiring events. There are many trails throughout the park, structures, historic sites, landscapes and so much more associated with the Revolutionary War opening battles. When making a list of things to do in Concord, MA, plan an afternoon venture to the park to learn about Concord history. 

Concord Museum

The Concord Museum is an excellent stop for those wanting to learn more about the history of Concord, Ma. You’ll be able to browse through the historical museum on your own time or opt for a guided tour to gain further education and ask questions. You’ll love seeing the framed 1775 world-famous Paul Revere’s lantern, Native American tools, objects from the colonial period including textiles, clothing, furniture and the many other historical artifacts in six diverse gallery spaces. During your getaway, stop into the museum where you’ll be able to get an up-close look at what makes our town so special.

Haunted Hotel

concord historyAs you learn about the history in town, you’ll be interested to know that one of our buildings on-site was used as a storehouse for firearms during the war, which may be why some say our inn is classified as a possibly haunted hotel. While you’re staying at the inn, we suggest checking out the local landmarks as many areas will take you back in time. Each of our rooms offers a historic atmosphere mixed in with modern-day amenities such as free wi-fi, 42” flat-screen TV, hairdryer among other necessities for a comfortable stay. Please call to set up your reservations at 1-800-370-9200.